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Is Stain Removal Hard to Handle?

The most common problem of households is dirty stain removal. Having kids or pets, ultimately you need to deal with stains on your goods especially carpet, rugs, or furniture. Even stains are still a part of your household without having pets or kids. It's hard to remove the stains that stick to the surface of your goods and ruin their look. If you don't have much time and proper accessories to tackle it, put your mind at peace, Steam Clean Your Carpet guarantees tough and sticky stain removal. We are offering top cleaning services in London. We are using high-quality chemicals and techniques for eliminating the staunchest of blemishes.

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With half a century of experience in this field our staff at Steam Clean Your Carpet have carried out these processes successfully numerous times for every type of stain and are confident that yours will be no exception!

Our Stain Removal Experts in London

Most spills and spots can be easily removed with basic cleaning. However, occasionally, tough stains like; paint, lipstick, permanent marker, pet accidents, etc. need special attention and treatment. Our professionally trained cleaners are equipped with modern products to look out for spots and stain removal. Our stain removal experts are using wholesome and effective stain removal products with the most innovative equipment. We knock tough stains out of carpets, rugs, and upholstery for good. That's why we say "If we can't get it out, no one can".

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Our Top Stain Removal Services in London

Our professionals strive to provide the best stain removal services in London, that take out your toughest stains including all those that are not done by other cleaning companies in London, such as:

  • Dirt and Mud
  • Food stains
  • Vegetable & Fruit extract / essence
  • Flavored / carbonated / alcoholic drinks
  • Grass
  • Blood
  • And many more!

Our Cheapest Stain Removal Service Plan

Our all services are at nominal prices. To get an estimate of our stain removal service plan, you can reach us anytime.

Our customer support team is available to help you 24/7. You can also call us at 074 0060 8880. Surely you will like our services.


Our Core Values

Our key goal is to help people live healthier and safe lives. We ensure that our processes provide the same results you want, to maintain your home.

Our best service cleaners are 100%
ready to assist you with
your chores.
We use natural and non-toxic products that are healthier for your home and safe for the local environment of London.
We encourage customer communication
and value them, to ensure high quality of service.


Our Work Portfolio In London


Can you remove a stain after drying?

It depends on how it was made. Even if you manage to get the stain wet again it will leave an indelible mark on your clothing. This is because when you are drying an article of clothing, the heat removes all traces of moisture from the fabric which should eliminate the possibility of stains. 
When this happens, there are actually very little or no chances that you can get rid of that stubborn stain. And here comes the need of a professional stain removal service.

What stains can not be removed?

Stains like blood, grass, permanent marker, and red wine stains are the hardest to remove. However, the best cleaning company can do the job professionally and effectively.

Can I book stain removing cleaning service on weekends?

No. We are off on Saturdays and Sundays.