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Professional Carpet Cleaning

With half a century of experience in rug repair and carpet cleaning our staff are fully capable of providing professional carpet cleaning services that are suitable for your carpet type to remove carpet stains. 

The most commonly used method of removing carpet stains across the industry is known as hot water extraction (HWE). This method involves a mixture of hot water and anti-bacterial cleaning agents being injected deeply into the fibres of a carpet using air pressure and all the residual soil being powerfully vacuumed into the machine.

In order to get rid of persistent carpet stains, pre-spray cleaning materials are applied prior to using carpet cleaning machines to increase the alkalinity of the soiled surface. This facilitates the process of stain removal when the carpet cleaning machine is in action and helps to remove the stains more rapidly and effectively.

The techniques used in our carpet cleaning methods enable a fast-drying process which not only save our customers time but will also prevent breeding of bacteria and fungi. We also ensure the temperature at which the procedure is done is at the most appropriate point in the range between a steam temperature and a cold water temperature.

At Steam Clean Your Carpet we use the most powerful industry-approved machinery and eco-friendly materials  to ensure the life span of your carpets is maximised and their hygiene is kept at a high level via regular cleaning and maintenance

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Our Core Values

High quality cleaning is at the heart of our values. We strive to achieve this by means of professionalism and reliability.

We use Anti-Bacterial materials for all our cleaning services.​

Steam Clean Your Carpet is insured by Premium Credit insurance company.

We use Hot Water Extraction (HWE) Method If Needs


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