how to clean fabric sofa

How to clean a fabric sofa? Should I use a dry cleaning method or a steam cleaner?

Which do I choose when my sofa is dirty and looking frumpy?

If you have been searching online for how to clean your sofa, you have most likely come across a lot of conflicting information about upholstery cleaning

While most sofas can survive for years and years, eventually they will suffer from wear and tear. It’s inevitable.

Hence, we have come up with a comprehensive fabric sofa cleaning guide to answer all your questions!

Types of Stains

Pet stains & Pet Hair

Remove pet stains quickly because they are harder to remove and spread unbearable odour in the house. Use those techniques which fit your sofa quality otherwise, they can damage your sofa.

Blood Stains

You can remove blood stains on the couch with a lot of different methods. One of the best ways is by using hydrogen peroxide.

Grease stains

Sofa cleaning becomes the hardest task with grease stains on it. Try using enzyme stain removers or a solution of water and soap.

Wine stains

New or wet wine stains can be removed easily. Use a small piece of cloth on the stained area to absorb it, then use cold water to clean it.  After cleaning, leave it for some time to dry. A vacuum can be used to dry it. Follow manufacturer instructions to remove old stains.

Water stains

The best solution for removing water stains on the couch is to follow the sofa labels because every couch has a different fibre quality.

Coffee & Tea Stains

Clean up coffee or tea stains from a couch in much the same way you would attempt to clean up blood or grease.

Blot up the coffee or tea spills with a clean, dry cloth. Then, dab the remaining stain with cool water and a small quantity of mild soap.

If the sofa cleaning label allows it, use an acidic stain remover to get stubborn coffee, tea, and food stains out. If you’re still having issues, the hydrogen peroxide method could help. 

Instructions To Clean Fabric Sofa

There is a lot of complexity in fibre so proper instructions are needed to clean it. Different methods are used in sofa cleaning. If these methods don’t fit your sofa’s label, they can make it worse. Here are some best steps which you need to read and follow before fabric sofa cleaning.

1. Manufacturer’s instruction

Before cleaning you need to understand the instructions which are given by manufacturers. These instructions help you to remove stains from your sofa. If you do not follow these instructions they can ruin your furniture warranty. These instructions help you to work according to the sofa warranty.

2. Carefully Read The Tags

If the manufacturer’s instructions are missing, don’t worry.  Then check the tag of your sofa. Two types of tags are available on the couch. One of them helps you to clean the cover of a sofa and the other one helps in cleaning foam. Read and apply the tag instruction carefully.

3. Strictly Follow The Tags

Different methods are used in sofa cleaning. If you do not apply the right tag then it can damage your sofa. So you need to follow the tag which is best for your couch. Using the wrong tag can leave a hard stain on your sofa. Follow these tags strictly to protect your sofa from any damage.

  • If the label code is “s” then clean it through appropriate chemicals.
  • The label code “w” means to clean it with water.
  • If the label code is “w/s” then it can be cleaned through water and chemical or by its mixture.
  • For removing dirt and dust apply the label code “x”.

Products To Clean Fabric Sofa

Some people use carpet cleaning products. If these products are according to the label then it is right otherwise they can damage your couch. And also a variety of products are used to clean the sofa. If these products do not fit the label they can worsen the condition. Different types of products used in sofa cleaning are as follows.

  • Baking soda
  • Vinegar
  • Water
  • Microfiber clothes
  • Spray Bottle 
  • Vacuum
  • Steam cleaner (optional but recommended)

Techniques To Clean Fabric Sofa

After understanding, instructions from the sofa cleaning tags follow these techniques.

1. Water cleaning techniques

No chemicals are used in water cleaning techniques. Water is the main element of this technique. If your upholstery has the label of “w” then use this technique. This technique is beneficial for those fibres who have the “w” label. 

2. Solvent cleaning techniques

Chemicals are the main ingredients in the solvent cleaning technique. Use this technique if your sofa is labelled “s”.

3. Water and solvent cleaning

In this technique, both water and chemicals are used. If the sofa has the label of “w/s” then both water and chemicals can be safe to use.

4. Vacuum cleaning technique

If the sofa has the tag of “x” then use only the vacuuming technique.

5. Steam Cleaning Sofa

If your sofa has a tag “w” or “ws” then you need to steam clean your sofa. Also, you need to follow the manufacturer’s instructions.  

First, you need to know the condition of the stain than apply the best technique. Otherwise, it can damage your sofa and leave stains permanently.

After following manufacturer instructions there are a few successful tricks that can help in professional cleaning.

  • Dust makes your sofa look dirty and can cause respiratory problems. Use a vacuum process to remove dirt. During vacuum, open the windows of your room. It helps in cross breezing.After vacuuming you can easily steam clean your sofa. 
  • If the stains are not cleaned properly they make the sofa’s condition worse. Proper care is needed in stain cleaning. First you need to find hidden blemishes where you can test. Test these hidden blemishes according to the label and manufacturer instruction. If it shows no damage during testing then you can apply it on all stain areas on your couch.
  • Only cleaning cannot save you from allergens and from other diseases. You need to disinfect it also. For disinfecting use powerful and advanced products.Some products are harmful for life. So use these products carefully.
  • Don’t sit on your couch when it is wet. First you need to dry this. For drying you need to open the windows.
  • When your room window is open, it can bring more dust particles to your wet sofa. So you need to vacuum it again after drying to clean these dust particles.

6. Proper Vacuuming

Use a vacuum cleaner fitted with a beater bar attachment to remove hair and lint from the upholstery, leave it to stand upright in a sunny spot for a few hours to ensure all the moisture has gone out of it, then cover with a slightly damp linen cloth, weighted down at the corners to stop it flying off in a breeze.

SteamCleaner’s Takeaway

Sofa cleaning will not be a challenging task anymore after reading the methods we discussed above. However, the results may vary and may not be that effective if not followed properly. 

Hence, you can take help from professional sofa cleaners to handle the fabric sofa cleaning process more efficiently. 

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