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You indulge in those long reading sessions on it while enjoying your snacks. Meanwhile, you take short naps on it for instant refreshment. Also, you watch your favourite Netflix shows with your friends on it. 

What are we talking about? Yes, you have guessed right, we are talking about your furniture and furniture upholstery. Upholstering cleaning is a crucial aspect of ensuring that your luxurious furniture stays in tip-top condition throughout the year.

No matter how obsessed you are with cleanliness, your sofa ends up becoming the catch-all spot for many things. Some of these items include pet hair, beverage spills, popcorn kernel, and food leftover particles. Fortunately, these issues can be resolved by either doing furniture cleaning hacks at home or hiring professional upholstery cleaning services. 

Most upholstery cleaners use specialized equipment to restore furniture. This is the reason it is advised to let the professionals handle this key aspect of your home. For top-notch upholstery cleaning London, you can always look for affordable furniture cleaning services. 

What is Upholstery Cleaning?

From your carpets to your furniture fabric, everything needs to be deep cleaned after every few months. Dirt and grime can easily accumulate all over the fabric material in your house. Upholstery cleaning ensures that you get rid of unwanted oil and dirt from the external covering of your furniture items.

Upholstery refers to the fabric that covers furniture – which includes sofas, couches, chairs, and car seat fabric. This external padding enhances the aesthetic appeal of your home indoors. Also, it protects your furniture pieces from getting quickly damaged. It might not sound like a big deal to restore the overall outlook of your velvet furniture or fabric sofa. But once you start doing it,  it can be a tricky job.

The upholstery fabric material is mostly quite delicate and fragile. It can go through quick wear and tear if unprofessional cleaning solutions and machines are used. Some common fabric materials used for sofa upholstery include cotton, velvet, wool, and microfiber. Depending on the material’s roughness, a professional might use the steam cleaning method or the dry cleaning method.

First, professional cleaners take a thorough inspection of their clients’ furniture to look for any tears or damage. Once they find everything intact, they see whether they can remove the external padding or it is permanently fixed. A typical upholstery cleaning process includes pretreatment, vacuuming, conditioning, and rinsing. Apart from cleaning services, many upholstery companies also provide repair services to restore damaged parts of furniture pieces.

How to Clean a Fabric Sofa

It is pretty common for homeowners to go to any lengths to avoid a spill or stain on their furniture. But once it happens, they find it difficult to restore their precious furniture pieces to their original states. 

To ensure a long lifespan of your furniture, you should be fully aware of the fabric material of your upholstery. Also, it would help if you focused on keeping it well-maintained throughout the year.

Are you looking for fabric sofa cleaning? Do you want to give your sofa a biannual update or just want to remove a particular stain? There are some ways you can get it done without damaging your assets.

1. Get to the stains quickly

Sometimes you might accidentally spill your coffee or any other edible item on your couch. It would help if you immediately tried to rub off the mark before it settled in. Waiting for even a few minutes can turn a temporary minor stain into a permanent mark on your furniture.

 2. Take a look at the manufacturer’s recommendations 

It is always better to view the couch’s care tag before using any cleaning detergent or solution on your furniture upholstery. You can decipher your upholstery’s cleaning codes by taking a look at the following details:

  • “W” means that you can safely use a water-based cleaner without having to worry about fading or damaging your fabric material.
  • “S” means that the item can only be cleaned using cleaning solvents or dry clean methods. To maximize the lifespan of these items, you should quickly remove stains on this type of fabric item.
  •  “S/W” means that you can either use water or cleaning solvents.
  • “X” means that you can only clean the upholstery item with the help of a vacuum cleaner.

3. Use a vacuum cleaner 

To ease up the stain removal process, it is always better to vacuum the entire affected area. This will make it easier for you to get rid of any loose dirt or debris attached to your furniture. Make sure to purchase a vacuum cleaner with specific attachments for upholstery cleaning.

Benefits of Regular Upholstery Cleaning

1.  Air Quality

Whenever you lie down on your couch, you unknowingly release an instant burst of allergens and pollutants into the air. The bacteria and microbes that had been idle on your sofa now have the opportunity to spread throughout the house.

While you might vacuum your floor daily, keeping your upholstery well-maintained will also dramatically improve your home’s indoor air quality.

 2. Health

Did you know that unkempt upholstery can potentially act as a breeding ground for bed bugs and dust mites? When left unattended for a long period, an untidy upholstery can increase your chances of developing respiratory diseases. To avoid unwanted allergies and diseases, you will have to hire professional upholstery cleaning services.

 3. Remove Odors

The family couch in most houses serves to be one of the most used areas for most families. You eat your TV dinners there. You hang out there to relax after work. Your pet loves to lie down there when you are not at home.

Clearly, it serves to be a busy zone in your house. You can be sure about it because of the odour. For a quick fix, you might try to apply an air freshener. It will only mask the bad smell for a few minutes. Regular upholstery cleaning can help keep those bad smells at bay.

 4. Increase Furniture Life

Whether it’s regular wear and tear or a significant beverage spill, keeping your upholstery well-maintained will increase the lifespan of your furniture. The fibre of your couch and armchair acts like sandpaper when it comes to accumulating dirt and dust. So, you can extend the life of your furniture with the help of regular upholstery cleaning.

Can You Do DIY Upholstery Cleaning?

While you might be tempted to do the upholstery cleaning of your house on your own, it is usually not advised. Mostly, sofas and chairs are padded with delicate natural material, such as cotton, which can quickly get damaged. Also, in most cases, furniture parts cannot be removed, which means you will have to use specialized machines to externally clean the parts.

Most professional upholstery cleaners come equipped with state-of-the-art machines to extract moisture from furniture without having to remove any part. Unfortunately, the upholstery machines you purchase from your local hardware store won’t enable you to fully remove the moisture in your furniture upholstery.

Without a proper moisture extraction mechanism, your furniture will end up attracting mould and mildew. This will not only give off an unpleasant odour but can also be lethal for your lungs and overall health. 

Schedule Carpet and Furniture Upholstery Cleaning Together

The underfoot feeling you experience after having your carpet dry-cleaned is something we all enjoy. The cleaning of your rugs and furniture should go hand in hand, as both of these factors can collectively improve the cleanliness and neatness of your home.

Scheduling carpet and upholstery cleaning together are some of those things that many uninformed homeowners underestimate. Many people get their rugs cleaned during wintertime, while they schedule the upholstery cleaning during summertime. Doing these two activities separately prevents them from availing the benefits of these services according to their full potential. 

How Often Do You Need Upholstery Cleaning Services?

The advised upholstery cleaning frequency can vary from one house to another. You will have to take into account various factors. 

Do you own pets? Do you have children? Is your job related to working in the field? Do you frequently treat your living room as an eating hangout place in your house? If you said yes to any of these questions, then you should schedule your upholstery cleaning about twice a year or at least once a year. 

Upholstery Cleaning Services

A successful cleaning session of your couch or sofa is possible. But you will need expertise and experience to get desirable and long-lasting results.

As mentioned before, you should always consider hiring professional upholstery cleaners. While you might be able to borrow upholstery cleaning machines on rent from your neighbourhood, we recommend you contact professionals.

If you are in London, you can contact Steam Clean Your Carpet to get reliable and affordable upholstery services. Contact us to make a reservation or an appointment. 

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