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Having a clean and fresh rug is an important part of maintaining your home’s décor. With the professional rug cleaning methods, some time, and effort you can do it yourself at home. However, you need to be extremely cautious about the fabric type of the rugs you own. 

For instance, you can’t run through your fluffy wool rug in a washing machine or risk damaging the gorgeous fibers. And, the thought of using harsh chemicals (bleach, detergents and such) on your rug is downright terrifying. 

Therefore, we have come up with generic methods that you can practice to professionally clean your rugs at home. Try out the following method and let your comments make our day!

Simple Steps For Profesional Rug Cleaning

Professional rug cleaning isn’t rocket science, but it’s not quite like dusting your living room either. 

There are just 3 main steps. These are cleaning, washing, and drying. 

Normally cleaning is routine work. While washing is a bit of a tedious task that needs muscle power, and suitable detergents to remove stains and bad smells from the rug. Finally, drying only needs to put the rug in open air or sunlight so that the water can evaporate.

Follow these simple steps and enjoy hassle-free rug cleaning.


Declutter Properly

There is a pesky problem that we all face at some point which we call “stuff.” 

You know, stuff like your aunt’s antique silverware and other bric-a-brac, your kids’ crayon artwork from the 60s, and the pile of old journals you haven’t read yet. While you can’t get rid of your family or throw away your children’s artwork that reminds us of family history. 

However, you can stop tripping over their stuff. Thankfully there is a middle ground! Decluttering. 

Before you start vacuuming, start by decluttering your rug. Collect all unnecessary items and clear all areas around the rug to avoid damage. 

Vacuum Thoroughly

Vacuuming is a necessary chore for most homeowners as it offers a number of benefits. It should be scheduled faithfully just like other tasks you have in your house. 

The more frequently you vacuum, the less dust and dirt you allow to get onto your carpets, which will make it easier to keep a cleaner environment inside your home.

Vacuuming the rug surface from both sides nicely. It can easily lift out dust, hair, and pet hair from the surface while ensuring that all dirt particles are completely removed from its surface. 

Apply a little bit of force for good results. 


Apply Gentle Water Pressure on Surface

Enwrap the rug and bring it to an open place where you have a water pump connection and also enough space, so you can easily wash it. 

Flatten it completely on the ground surface. 

Now adjust water pressure and properly apply a few times until there is no more dust you see. 

Use Organic Surfactants for Cleansing

Take 1 tablespoon of dishwashing detergent and add it to 4 cups of lukewarm water. Mix it until it converts into a solvable mixture of soap and water. 

Gently Scrub the Rug Surface

Softly apply this mixture on the rug surface with the help of a brush. Scrub all areas completely and repeat the cycle 2 to 3 times, until all dust is cleaned.

Use Antibacterial Liquid Soap and Fragrance

Enwrap the rug again and stand it straight. 

Mix any antibacterial liquid in water and pour water slowly from above. It will take some time to soak all the liquid soap and that will cause bacterias free. 

Almost all antibacterial soaps have their own fragrance but you can use any fragrance you want.

Rinse Properly

After all the work is done, the last step is to wash thoroughly. So no particles of any kind should be left in it. Squeeze the cloth well and remove all the water in it.

3. Drying

Dry Out Completely

Due to the thickness of the rug, it will take a long time to dry, if there is any water left in it, it can cause odor, so it should be dried thoroughly before use.

Let it dry in the open air as well as in sunlight so all the water will evaporate from the rug and make it dry.

Speed up with Electric Air Blower

If you have an electric air blower, you can also use it to dry it quickly. This can make the process much easier for you. Simply hang the carpet on the wall and then turn on the air blower to dry quickly.


Rug cleaning is a simple yet tedious task that can be done in a few easy steps at home. 

You don’t need to wash your area rug every week, however, professional rug cleaning should be done once in 3 months to properly disinfect and deeply cleans the area rug.  

However, if you take your time, have the right equipment and methods for rug cleaning, you are likely to get high-quality results at home.

Thanks for reading this blog. We hope you found it useful and you managed to pick up some tips and tricks to take your rug cleaning game to the next level.

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