Silk Rug Cleaning

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Our professional silk rug cleaning services can help you restore the pristine look of your handmade silk rugs in London.

There is a recent surge in the demand for silk rugs all over the world. These sophisticated rugs add elegance and aesthetics to the indoors of your house. While they are a must-have for an elegant space, they are more susceptible to attracting soil and dirt. 

Silk rugs can beautify the indoors of your residential property, making the living space cosier and comfier. However, it is important to maintain them properly because this fabric material can quickly get faded and damaged. While having a soiled silk carpet can be an eyesore, you should never attempt any DIY cleaning methods. 

It is better to hire professional silk rug cleaners at least once a year. This would ensure that your rug keeps looking fresh throughout the year and it will also lengthen its life span. We at Steam Clean Your Carpet ensure extra care while cleaning silk rugs.


Cleaning a silk rug might not sound like a big deal but you should never treat it as a regular rug. The secret to the lasting beauty of silk rugs is linked with daily maintenance and care. While you might be tempted to clean your rug on your own it is never a good idea. 

So, you should only hire a professional silk rug cleaner for this task. Experts know how to clean the delicate fibres of silk rugs without causing any dye bleeds or fabric fading. By hiring professional cleaners, you would also be able to know about in-home care methods.

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Your silk rug deserves a thorough cleaning on a timely basis. You should never try DIY cleaning hacks on your silk rug because that can potentially damage its fragile fibres. Here at SCYC, not only do we have the experience of cleaning rug by hand but we also know how to remove soil in a minimally invasive way.

We specialise in the traditional skill of hand cleaning silk rugs and carpets. As water can permanently damage your investment, we never use water in our cleaning process. With the help of fine-bristled brush and steam-cleaning machines, we can restore the original shine of your rug.

Silk rug is not known to resist friction, as it is made up of delicate fibres. Our trained staff knows how to hand-wash pure silk rugs and carpets. Similarly, we can also clean rugs that are made from a mixture of wool and silk such as silk Persian rug and silk Turkish rug. We know how to return the shimmer of your rugs that would instantly enhance the aesthetic appeal of your property. 

Whether it’s a bamboo silk rug, Kashmiri silk rug or a Qum silk rug – our skilful workers know how to carefully deal with each type of rug. We will give free quotes to you after doing a complete inspection of your rug. Please give us a call so that we can save your investment before it’s too late.


Silk Rug Cleaning Services 

Silk fibres can quickly get frayed if you use chemical cleaning solutions on this type of rug. The residue left from these cleaning methods can be absorbed by your rug. We are aware of the silk fibre quality of our clients’ rugs and carpets. Also, we know the types of dyes used in the manufacturing process of these rugs. 

One important reason to get our cleaning services is that we use the steam clean method to get dust and dirt out of your silk rug. Rubbing rough bristle brushes or adding an excessive amount of water to a silk rug can cause it to lose its shine. We can help clean your silk rug if you are facing any of the following problems:

  • Mould stain and odour
  • Pet urine stain 
  • Dye fade and bleed
  • Wine or coffee spill
  • Dirt and dust marks

Steam Clean Your Carpet vows to restore your silk rug with care.

How we typically clean a silk rug:

  • A quick inspection to know about the rug’s origin, fabric type, fabric density and overall condition
  • For old rugs, we would first examine if there are any frayed spots or holes, as that can make things work during the steam cleaning process.
  • We use superior vacuum equipment to get dirt and debris from your silk rug. The vacuum cleaners you use at home are not powerful enough to pull out all the pollutants deposited in your carpets
  • For each type of stain, we use a specific temperature of steam. By warming up the rug fibres with steam, it becomes easier for us to deeply clean your rug
  • We perform a pre-treatment method when it comes to removing stains from your silk rug so that the colour doesn't fade
  • Once the stains are removed, we use mild detergents to ensure you don’t have any harmful microorganisms in your rug